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On my morning walk I was reflecting on the last few days, marveling at how quickly situations shift.

The pace of change can make you dizzy and disoriented if you aren’t grounded. That is not just a metaphor. It is what happens energetically when so much is shifting around you. It can pull you under or over if you aren’t rooted in yourself.

Rooted in your spirit, in the fire of Gaia, are ways to stay aware of yourself during such times. Imagine being in the eye of a storm. It is still uncomfortable. Landmarks are moving. Things fall away unexpectedly and new things arise, or even more alarming, nothing new has yet appeared.

Resistance is not only futile it’s exhausting. Openness to what is being born is useful. Being right here, noticing the swirling winds, and holding your space helps integrate what is going on.

Notice I didn’t say “holding on”. Grasping onto anything or anyone is also not advised. Leaning on, standing with, loving through….all beautiful. Grasping is also resistance to standing on your own. Let things and people move as they will.

Can you be open to the grace and mercy of the Universe? Can you trust that it will all work out? Can you see a glimmer of beauty in this moment or imagine it might arise from the ashes? I imagine this earthly experience as a dance. You could be a wallflower, or dance against Life, turning it into a fight.

Or you could take a step of faith that Life - the One, the Light of Love, the Universe, the Gods, the Goddesses, the Soul - is a force of LOVE and desires only to create a life of beauty for you. Dancing with Life and opening up to allow Life to lead takes faith, but you couldn’t ask for a better partner. And by beauty I don’t mean all sweetness and light. That’s not beauty, that’s plastic. I mean the beauty of dark and light, pain and joy, dancing and stumbling. That, my friend, is true beauty.

Today, I am opening up in sweet surrender to the luminous love light of the One. <3

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