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This new moon in Sagittarius calls for living our grandest visions of our lives, with new kinds of creativity. I could feel it approaching as I was moved last week to offer THRIVE, a six week course in impeccable self care for the holidays. The same day I made that decision, the wheels started turning on the home renovation that has stalled for some time. Suddenly, time and resources came together, and my kitchen fell apart. Talk about timing!

As I sit in a distant corner of the house to write, I am separated from the sacred objects and little office that support me. At first, I was angry and resentful that both events coincided. How am I going to get anything done in this chaos? Well, of couse that is the whole point of THRIVE! The holidays are chaotic with many events, cold weather, family we may or may not desire to see, and, for many, loneliness. There is a way to thrive this time of year, not just survive it! We cannot control many of the circumstances in which we find ourselves. But how we respond is everything. Reacting means letting the circumstance dictate our action. But a response is to consciously choose how to meet the moment. Big difference, but it can be oh so difficult to rewire our reactions, many ingrained for our entire lives.

So how do you change the stories that get played out every holiday season? You do something different! Impeccable self care is about a higher level of attention to your heart, your soul and your needs. From there, you make the most loving choices for yourself. You practice not taking anything external to you personally. You breathe deep into your center and respond from your heart. There are so many ways to shift your experience.

All it really takes to change is acceptance. I accept what is here in front of me. It is here. And I am here. Acceptance means you have come into this moment, see if for what it is. If you can remain in the moment, you have the power to choose your response, and change everything.

This level of awareness and consciousness means you get creative! The ego only knows a few options, but your soul has unlimited possibilities. It requires a larger perspective to see more options. A creative approach to life is a hallmark of consciousness.

When I accepted that this is how things are right now, I relaxed. Today, I gathered the candles and random objects I could find for this little altar. It just so happened I had a collection of cleansed stones and crystals sitting in a room. I found candles on the porch. And I borrowed a mermaid from my daughter's room.

I am here, in this moment, choosing to create a beatiful experience for myself. I am full of gratitude for the opportunities to improve our living space. I am deeply grateful for the oportunity to offer support to you for the days ahead. If you are yearning for ways to make the holidays a meaningful, peaceful, authentic experience, join me for THRIVE. Thanksgiving is this week, and if you sign up now, I'll send you a Gratitude Meditation to enjoy during this time. The course will begin December 1st.

I so look forward to a holiday filled with love, gratitude, family, and connecting with you.

So much love,


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