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Giving out Wings

It's A Wonderful Life is one of my favorite Christmas movies. To be honest, my sensitive soul cringes at George Bailey’s journey through the vision of what life would have been like without him, but I watch it every year anyway.

I have many favorite lines that show up in my daily conversation, and this scene has two of them. “I’m thinking of a flaming rum punch” as Clarence tries to order a drink, and the last line of the scene, “Get me! I”m giving out wings!"

That last line is, I realized this morning, a perfect expression of co-creation with the Universe. Stay with me here and I’ll tell you how.

It takes a little incredulity, a little laugh at the whole possibility, and a leap of faith to act and trust that the Universe will respond in to you. The Law of Attraction is simply “like attracts like”.

Wherever you place your attention, your love, your focus, your fear, your passion, your thoughts, wherever you obsess, for good or ill, the Universe meets you with more of it. It does happen that way. You may laugh at it, others may laugh at you, but that does not change the laws of the Universe responding to you.

How have you been gifted? What have you been given to do? What are you drawn to notice? What grabs your attention? This does not require any great revelation..simply a knowing of what moves you, what ways you love the world around you and contribute.

Whatever you focus on in a negative light, how can you shift your focus to the possibilities? If your entire being is moved to grief over deforestation or animal rights, how can you use that energy for good change?

If you’re looking for ways to shift your perspective so you are Thriving instead of just surviving, loving yourself and giving back to the world, check out the THRIVE course I’m offering. You can start anytime in this six week course on impeccable self care. You deserve loving support for thriving in your life.


What can you do? Go and do it. Take Life at its word. Not only is “now the time”, but now is the time it is imperative we all step into creating change. Get me! I”m giving out wings!

With much love,


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