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Feedback that works

In an online forum today, a podcaster asked for feedback about their on-air presence and speaking voice. They were looking for direct, honest feedback and were having trouble finding it. It seemed as though they were concerned about the quality of their delivery.

I listened to a couple of episodes. The host's voice and tone were pleasant to listen to, conveyed expertise, and they talked comfortably about their topic.

The host and the show were good! The only notes I had were production issues: things like audio quality, beginning and ending music and voiceover, and the flow of the show.

Feedback from a microphone is not useful. The feedback of constructive criticism and analysis, though, is useful even when uncomfortable.

Today I was reminded that it provides valuable information that reality-tests our assumptions and perspective.

This host's openness and curiosity for feedback will give them the data they need to keep on improving the quality of their valuable contribution in the world.


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