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Double Labryinth

i walked a double spiral labyrinth barefoot in the cool forest dirt among the young trees, flowers and moss-covered boulders. i watched the ground in front of me as i considered a question, putting one foot in front of the other; thinking of nothing else but the slow movement of each foot. Inhale, ball, heel, exhale, ball, heel.One cycle takes about an hour and a half. I don't know for sure....i had no watch and i didn't care. I did 3 cycles over the weekend. I figure i spent about 6 hours in barefoot walking meditation this weekend.It was amazingly powerful. Purposeful, conscious movement spiraling inward to the center of my being and then carrying insight out into the world.The walking is deceptively simple. My thoughts would wander and I would bring my attention back to my walking, but other than just being with the question on the spiral in, and waiting for answers on the spiral out, i would have told you in the midst of it that nothing was happening. no fireworks, no revelations.The payoff though is a deep spot in myself i have visited. I can return and find peace there. It is quiet and full of wisdom and knowing. My "answer" eventually was that there were no answers this time. No to-do list from the Universe. Just a reminder to take it one step at a time and trust myself. The well of my inner knowing now feels deeper and more reliable, and for that I am grateful.She asked: what are you willing to give up in order to stand up in your own power?I waited for a list. Give up…must do….time to….nothing came. I wracked my brain. Opened my heart and listened intently. Nothing. I chided myself, frustrated by my lack of intuition. I’m not listening. I’m not in the right space. I’m not doing this right, obviously. Stop the negativity. Re-center. Breathe.You shall go out with joy and be led forth with peace, the mountains and the hills shall break forth with singing, all the trees of the field will clap their hands, when we go out with joy.As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after thee, You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship thee. You alone are my strength my shield, to you alone may my spirit yield. You alone are my hearts desire and I long to worship thee.Left, right, breathe. Left, right, receive, give, body, spirit. Breathe in spirit. Be here now.Spiraling out now. Listening. Mother Earth loves and supports me. I feel this I feel the blanket of the warm air, the rustling leaves speaking to me, the birds singing to me. The support of the deer…gentle strength. Power without might. The buffalo showing me perfection of being one’s medicine. Of being a perfect sacrifice. Sacred medicine. I am to be my medicine. I am to walk as my power animal. To wear my pelt. Claim my pelt.There are no answers, arlia. Your power is yours in every moment, and in every moment it looks a little different. All you require is within you and all the support you desire is with you always. All you have remaining is to respond to this moment. In this moment, breathe, and listen to your heart. Are you willing to surrender to the support? Are you willing to surrender to the guidance and trust it? Can you trust your own intuition? Can you trust what christ says to you? Can you trust that he is always at your right hand?Thirst for your soul. Yield only to spirit. You and christ are one. You have the support of christ, mother earth and the entire universe.


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