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Tending the garden

It has been six months since my last blog post. When I mentioned that to a friend the other day, I cringed inside with self-judgement. Discipline and consistency are important to me. But so is flexibility and honoring the moment. The eternal balancing act. I released the self-judgment!

Sometimes it is hard to write in the midst of change, other times it is just what keeps one sane and moving forward. Lately, my energy has been put into being present with change as I shed what no longer serves me and step into my soul's work.

What do you desire? Does it seem impossible? Unlikely? Crazy, even? As I was griping to myself the other day in my head, I stopped and realized I am living my dream. It has taken ten years of building the pieces, and now enough of them are in place for me to be living it! Your dream is possible, and the only obstacles are the ones you believe in. I still find myself believing things I learned as a child. Layer upon layer of "not good enough" or "too weird" or "too much" have been peeled away and more remain. Every time I peel away a layer, I make available to myself more of the dream.

See, the dreams you have are the ones you came here with, and you have them for a reason. I don't belive you would be given a dream that wasn't possible. What if it were possible? What if it could really happen? What would you do then? I am pouring all my energy into my dream, nurturing and tending it just as one would a garden. I love the metaphor of the garden because it requires hard work, but the gardener doesn't actually make things grow. Nature, the invisible force of Life, Love, responds to the gardener's tender loving care. My vision is like that, and so is yours. What you believe is possible and tend to is what you will grow. But it requires of you not just effort, or determination, but also surrender: Surrender to Love, LIfe and the process. Balance again...

When you sow the seeds and tend the soil, the Universe will conspire to bring it to you. And then you surrender, waiitng, allowing it to grow. Dance with the Universe, knowing it is designed to support what you choose to nurture.

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