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Letting go

This week I've been eating differently.

I had a brief stomach bug over the weekend and though that wasn't any kind of fun, I did get a lot of sleep, and a chance to rework my eating habits.

When you have any sort of cleanse (planned or unplanned) you have the opportunity to make fresh decisions about what and how you will eat. Truly, you have this power in any moment, but it's a bit easier when you aren't fighting so hard against ingrained habits.

I'm letting go of the way I used to eat, and embracing what is true in this moment. That is where the power of letting go embracing what this moment is asking of you.

So this week I've taken it slow, listening for what my body wants, planning super simple and healthy options. It has jumpstarted changes I knew I wanted to make that my intuition had been talking to me about for a long time. I would say "nagging" but one's intuition doesn't just suggests over and over and over...

I've given up coffee and the white sugar I put in it. This is a hard one. It was the one thing I wasn't willing to give up before now, but once my body didn't want it, couldn't even handle it for a couple of days, I jumped at the chance to see how long I could live without it.

So far so good, and every moment is a new chance to decide what I will drink. If I want a cup of coffee in the afternoon I will have one, I just won't start my day with it as an addiction. So far, I haven't wanted it.

My beverages this week have consisted of filtered water, lemon water, organic hot teas, ginger/apple concoctions, coconut milk, almond milk, and iced tea. Creativity will be key here for me. Replace a habit with a new habit.

Secondly, I have had to admit to myself that my body does not want dairy either. This one is hard. I was dairy free for several years back when I went gluten free, and I've thoroughly enjoyed being back on dairy. I love my cheese! But no, my body is not happy consuming cheese, so away it goes.

I'm increasing my intake of fruit, coconut milk, avocados, green smoothies, and have almost cut out eggs completely. I love them, and they aren't a problem, but I was too dependent on them for protein.

I enjoy this process of a new way of being. It can be difficult, but it feels good to take my self-care to a higher level.

Our intuition is always speaking to us about what needs to change. You don't have to be know what you are being led to change. Think of your intuition as a lover. Don't ignore it- give it loving attention and listen to it. The more you listen, the easier it will be to honor what it's suggesting and make the changes that bring your outer life into harmony with it. That is loving self-regard. That is strength. The more you cultivate that relationship, the easier it gets and the happier you will be when in alignment with it. I'm taking my intuition out to dinner and giving it just what it wants. It feels so good.

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