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Chaos to Form

Imagine, if you will...that everything you think you know of yourself is wrong. Maybe you are not as kind, certain, right, beautiful or ugly, grand or mundane, accomplished or idiotic, talented or you were convinced you were. The framework of your construction is crumbling before your eyes. Simple words or deeds strike you like arrows, and it all collapses to the ground.

It is okay. You are in this moment, perfection. You are in this moment the perfect manifestation of your own creating and the Grand Design of the Universe. You are an eternal and bright being with or without form.

What will you do with the awareness that comes to you now? The subtle shift that tells you most of what you think you know, you really do have been telling yourself a lovely story. Now you see it as a story, learned from the lips of someone else or perhaps one you created. There is a little observer inside that notices it is only a story. Words attached to your soul like a note your mother pinned to your jacket when you were 5. You can take them off. Take them off and throw them away and write something new upon your heart.

What shall it be? Can it be so simple? Can it be so easy to change your mind? Who will you be without the sarcastic wit or the nurturing hugs? Do you actually have that much power over your own experience?

I say yes. Bring every ounce of your will to bear in your own heart, and yes, you can do that for yourself. Begone with certainty. Allow the chaos to swirl around you, stand still, and listen. Soon, echos begin to coalesce into strains of music. Your soul sings and you can just make out the shape of the melody. This sounds like your true self. Sing the song you hear, and a new You forms around the song...

now stories flow from you as new ways to sing yourself. This time though you are dancing to the tune instead of being trapped inside it. Free form and flowing it changes with each measure, growing deeper and richer and more harmonious. Sing it anew every day and allow the melody to weave itself around you and everyone else, and you will know the perfection of living in this moment.

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